The Amazing Oliver Jeffers

Last week I introduced kindergarten and 1st grade to the amazing Oliver Jeffers, who has written and illustrated some of the most hilarious picture books in the library!


With titles like The Day The Crayons QuitStuck, and the newly purchased Here We Are (absolutely love it!), the kindergartners were happy to take many of his titles home!

If you’re looking for a holiday book to buy a loved one, you can’t go wrong with the exceptional (and exceptionally funny) Mr. Jeffers, or any of the other titles in the “Stories” picture book section.  Ask your students about what every hilarious stories we’ve read lately!


Non-Fiction Non-Circulating?

In my effort to continue exposing kids to many different types of technology to express and organize their ideas, this week grades 3-5 learned how to use a Padlet. Here is the one we made considering the questions, “Why aren’t kids taking non-fiction books out?” They had some interesting answers! Click this link to read them!

And speaking of non-fiction, my display is looking pretty beautiful this November!

Do your students enjoy reading non-fiction? I’d love to hear!

Aaron Reynolds’s Creepy Carrots is back!


Peter Brown is one of the best illustrators in the business, and the kids loved being inspired by his work as they made their own Creepy Carrots to decorate the library! We also read Creepy Pair of Underwear, which we did not try to emulate, but the kids found hilarious!

Now the library looks sufficiently creepy for Halloween, but not scary, just the way I like it!  Thanks K-2 for adding a little seasonal, creepy carrot patch to the library!

Full STEAM ahead!

This week students will finally begin engineering the solution to the Nepali Tomato Challenge that we introduced last week (if you haven’t heard about it, ask your kids!).

They will continue the design thinking process by ideating and beginning to prototype for the first few weeks of November.  We will test their designs in the forest after Thanksgiving!

The hardest part for younger kids when beginning STEAM is getting used to having to persevere through the design process. For some kids, this is their first exposure to the idea that they will have to fail, tweak their design, get feedback, and keep trying before they succeed. That can be really difficult!  So I am reading books about growth mindset and perseverance in the library this week for grades K-1.

I thought it was very appropriate that there was an awesome example of engineering where the books could be displayed today. I know that these great titles by authors like Andrea Beaty, Kobi Yamada, Todd Parr, and Ashley Spires will help kids understand that being great engineers takes hard work and perseverance!  I know these lessons will help all year in STEAM.

And if you haven’t already, check out the OQS STEAM blog and see all the incredible thinking that is happening here at OQS!

Banned Book Week

It’s Banned Book Week, and that means I am celebrating everyone’s freedom to read! I am OQS’s “Most Wanted” for distributing nationally challenged and banned materials to students and staff (aka books) and I’m educating the kids using Spiral on why it’s important to have access to all kinds of information and literature.  We’ve had some pretty awesome discussions.  I can’t wait for you to see all the fun we’re having when you come to the library for Open House!