National Poetry Month!

Students were inundated with poetry in the library during the month of April.  I had different stations set up where they could immerse themselves in the reading of poetry and the creative aspects of writing different types of poetry.  Then of course there was the day I was the Poetry Pocket Lady, walking around handing out poetry on Poem In My Pocket Day.


So much to share, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking!

Storybird Poetry

This website allows students to choose a piece of art and create a poem inspired by the art, using only particular words generated by the site.  They have to stretch their imaginations a bit, but the results were wonderful!

click on the photos to see more closely


Here are some images of students using Storybird during library time.

Playing With Poetry In the Library

(blackout poetry, found poetry, magnetic poetry, memorization)


It warms my heart to see students excited about poetry and being risk-takers willing to write and share their own! I hope they enjoyed National Poetry month as much as I did! Already looking forward to next year.

5th Grade Genre Study Books Are In!

Over the winter the 5th grade did a genre study and evaluated one genre in our school collection.  They analyzed what we have and didn’t have, and then researched new books that they would recommend I purchase for our school library in their genre.  Well, they arrived today and the kids were super excited to actually hold the books in their hands and get to see results from all their hard work!

IMG_0471IMG_0432 (1)IMG_0431

The new titles look awesome in the library, and students have been checking them out all day!  I’m so proud of these students for making an impact on their school and for being thoughtful in their decision-making, which will resonate throughout the library for years to come!

PS. Mrs. Newton came and videotaped 5R receiving their books this morning.  Look for it in her newsletter!

Ottauquechee’s Red Clover Winner!

I am excited to announce the Ottauquechee School’s Red Clover award winner for favorite picture book of 2017!  Students K-4 read the books in their classrooms and in the library and then voted on their favorites.  It was a very close contest, but the tongue-in-cheek favorite Meet the Dullards by Sara Pennypacker, illustrated by Danny Salmieri, was the winner!

meet the dullards

Second place by only four votes went to Winnie: the True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh by Sally M. Walker, illustrated by Jonathan D. Voss, and third place went to Glamourpuss by Sarah Weeks, illustrated by David Small.  All in all, it was a stupendous group of picture books! I can’t wait to hear what the official vote for the entire state of Vermont is, and how it compares to our own tally!

Jan Brett and What Else Is New in the Library

I am so excited to introduce kindergarten and first grade to Jan Brett this week! Even if they know the amazing storyteller and illustrator through her famous rendition of The Mitten, there are so many more outstanding stories to share! We will begin with Annie and the Wild Animals and then read The Easter Egg, with a chance to have some colorful fun afterward.  No children’s library would be complete without her work!

2nd and 3rd grade are finishing up with Lulu Walks the Dogs and will have some fun with book spine poetry before break.  4th grade is thoroughly enjoying creating their digital storybooks on Little Bird Tales and 5th grade is halfway through Flora and Ulysses.  Every class is a little different, but each one is so much fun.  Don’t forget to remind your students to check out books this week before break!

Wordless Book Week!

Wordless Books Week was a huge hit with kindergarten and first grade! The kids were mesmerized by the beautiful illustrations, many Caldecott Honor and Award winners, and several students chose to bring one home! Have your child tell you the story in a wordless book, and see what they come up with!

Click on a photo below to view the gallery.

Little Bird Tales

As a former English teacher, it’s hard for me to play the part of storyteller without delving into what makes a story worth telling (or reading!).  That’s why when I finished reading The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey with third grade, which they loved, I knew I had to take a moment to discuss that makes this story so effective and satisfying.

After collaborating with Mrs. Bishop on the parts of the story that third grade studies, I modeled breaking down a story on the Smartboard using The Bad Guys as an example.  Afterward, students got to work creating their own stories in small groups, filling out their graphic organizer to make sure their story was well-developed.


When their outlines were complete, I introduced them to the digital storytelling website “Little Bird Tales,” where they would create their stories.  They really enjoyed working with this platform, and especially liked my tutorial on all the amazing things they could do with their story, including messing around with images!

Let’s just say this image evoked a strong response from the students!

The students then had 3 weeks to complete their stories.  They all have access to the site from home; they just need to log in under the appropriate email address (they know which of their groupmates’ email was the username) and enter the password oqslib.  Take a minute to read your student’s story with them today!  They worked really hard!

They’re going to present them to their class this week.  Nice work, 3rd grade!