Free To Be You And Me

Kindergarten, first and second grade read books last week about non-conformity and being comfortable and confident enough to be yourself. I think it’s good to start the school year on the note of self-expression and individuality.  I want everyone in the library and at OQS to know that we are free to be ourselves, and there are some really awesome picture books to help remind us.

The kids love these first two stories about characters who are willing to take risks and go against the crowd, and Red is a great example of how others can have certain expectations and assumptions about you based on your appearance.  All celebrate freedom of expression and uniqueness!  Other titles that I have read in the past along these lines are Not Quite Narwhal and Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed.


Here in the library, everyone is welcome, and everyone is welcome to be exactly who they want to be.  I love reading stories that emphasize that!

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