February Update

February is flying by, and with days shortened for skiing schedules, snow days, Valentine’s Day and the prospect of February vacation exciting the students even more, we have been having a remarkably productive and eventful month!

Younger students read books about love, friendship, and Valentine’s Day, and contributed to this heart tree full of lovely thoughts and decorations after reading The Day It Rained Hearts.

We also read transportation books, including Steam Train, Dream Train, and had a blast with some leftover bookshelves during checkout time.

Older students have been working amazingly hard, and between the dozens of submissions for the bookmark contest and preparing for the classroom spelling bees, 2nd through fifth grade have been using the library for more than just books!  The Grand Spelling Bee will be March 1st at 5:30 pm in the OQS gym.  Come cheer on the spelling bee finalists and make a few purchases at the book fair while you are at it!  The book fair opens Monday after break and will be open all that week!

Have a wonderful vacation and of course, don’t forget to read with your child or visit the local library!