Wordless Book Week!

Wordless Books Week was a huge hit with kindergarten and first grade! The kids were mesmerized by the beautiful illustrations, many Caldecott Honor and Award winners, and several students chose to bring one home! Have your child tell you the story in a wordless book, and see what they come up with!

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Little Bird Tales

As a former English teacher, it’s hard for me to play the part of storyteller without delving into what makes a story worth telling (or reading!).  That’s why when I finished reading The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey with third grade, which they loved, I knew I had to take a moment to discuss that makes this story so effective and satisfying.

After collaborating with Mrs. Bishop on the parts of the story that third grade studies, I modeled breaking down a story on the Smartboard using The Bad Guys as an example.  Afterward, students got to work creating their own stories in small groups, filling out their graphic organizer to make sure their story was well-developed.


When their outlines were complete, I introduced them to the digital storytelling website “Little Bird Tales,” where they would create their stories.  They really enjoyed working with this platform, and especially liked my tutorial on all the amazing things they could do with their story, including messing around with images!

Let’s just say this image evoked a strong response from the students!

The students then had 3 weeks to complete their stories.  They all have access to the site from home; they just need to log in under the appropriate email address (they know which of their groupmates’ email was the username) and enter the password oqslib.  Take a minute to read your student’s story with them today!  They worked really hard!

They’re going to present them to their class this week.  Nice work, 3rd grade!


I’ve been looking for an excuse to try out the virtual discussion site Flipgrid, where I pose a question to the class and they proceed to answer it via video messages that can be seen by the entire class.  Everyone’s videos show up as a grid, kind of like the introduction to The Brady Bunch.  As I am still trying the site out, and haven’t upgraded to an official account yet, I can’t embed the grid onto this blog yet, but I think that will be in the near future since the kids had such a great time and the project was such a success!

The fifth grade had been working on a genre study since we returned from February break, and their job was to analyze the fiction section of the OQS library, specifically their genre.  They did quite a bit of research and made observations about the state of their genre within our collection.  Some groups felt big changes needed to be made; others felt that their genre was being supplemented nicely.  Whether positive or negative, all students reported back to me and identified how to improve our overall collection.


After they had investigated what the OQS library currently has in their genre, each group researched what we NEED.  That was the fun part! They got to go shopping!  Not really, but they did use reputable sites to research new titles that would make great additions to our library.  I’m looking forward to buying some before the year is out to show them what an impact they’ve made on their library!


Lastly, the students presented their opinions on what books the library should invest in via Flipgrid, recording messages to me on their laptops.  They had a blast watching each other’s videos and “liking” others’ recommendations!  It was amazing how comfortable the students were with this concept; I, on the other hand, felt much more awkward videotaping myself!  They especially enjoyed taking selfies (aka thumbnails) of themselves.

I am looking forward to ordering some of 5th grade’s recommendations for the library!  Take a moment and enjoy our Flipgrid, and let me know what you think!


Celebrating Female Authors

Looking forward to celebrating two amazing female authors this month by reading some of their fabulous work to all the grades! K-3 will get a kick out of Shannon Hale’s Princess In Black series and grades 4-5 will love Flora & Ulysses. I was going to include Raina Telgemeier’s incredible graphic novels, but I can’t keep them in the library long enough to highlight them! Already looking forward to next year when hopefully I will have a better display situation and also more of Shannon Hale’s amazing books!!

Stay tuned for more information on some awesome ongoing projects grades 3 and 5 have been working on!  I’ll be sharing finished products next week!