Storybird with 3rd and 4th

3rd and 4th grade have been creating picture books and poetry with Storybird, an outstanding writing tool that uses prompts to help spur student creativity.  Check out the pictures below to see 3rd graders in action, as well as some of the final poems written by OQS students!  Click on them to see them full screen.

Students Believe….

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students had a LOT of ideas about why it’s important for all of us to be responsible digital citizens, and not believe every piece of information we come across.  After learning about fake news and digital literacy for three weeks, we compiled a big Google Doc and these are some of their strongest reasons why!

Bravo, digital detectives!

Pocket Poems and Poetrees

April wrapped up with one of my very favorite days of the year, Poem In My Pocket Day.  I love walking around school that day sharing poems with students, as did several other staff members.  By the end of the day the students were just inundated with poetry, and there is really nothing better.

I also created my very first Poetrees, with the help of Mr. Clough and Ms. Kniffin.  These were a little scrawny, but I have bigger and better ideas for next year.  We have planted the seeds of inspiration, and students and teachers have been continuing to add poems all this week!

We are all a little better off having a lot more poetry in our lives!