Snow! Snow! Snow!

As we embark on our first snowy week of school, with a two-hour delay under our belt, I love to start reading snowy and winter books with the students. Book Wrangler Mike loves to do directed drawings with his library students, and with these crowd-pleasing and award-winning titles on his list, I thought this was the week to give it a try! Kindergarten and first grade students followed a directed drawing exercise in an attempt to recreate some of the stories’ characters. It was fun to try some art here in the library!

Image result for penguin problemsImage result for wolf in the snowImage result for snowy day



  They enjoyed it! I will have his other directed drawing exercises on library’s art table for a few weeks, and the kids are excited to try something different during checkout time. What a great way to celebrate the snow!

Technology, Equity & Skiing!

We were so fortunate to have Mr. Berry, aka Aaron’s dad, come to 3-5 STEAM to share Aaron’s adaptive skis in conjunction with our discussion and research on how technology can help people lead more equitable lives.

The kids were enthralled and so eager to learn more about this feat of engineering. Thank you so much, Berry family, for how much you support the library and our curriculum! Can’t wait to see Aaron on the ski hill this year!

The students were fascinated to learn about different ways technology has improved people’s and animals’ quality of life. Here are some photos of them doing their research. There were lots of exclamations of “Wow!” and “That’s so cool!” Some students said they hadn’t thought about engineering as a job before, but that this looked like a great career. I love hearing things like that!