Why Your Kid Should Read Graphic Novels

Still wondering if graphic novels are a waste of time for your child? There are incredible benefits to having your student read graphic novels (aka comic strips in book form), not the least of which is engagement! If your student does fall in love with a graphic novel, there’s a pretty good chance that it’s one of a series, and he or she will be begging for the next one! Here are some articles that are worth a look if you’d like to learn more.


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This week in library, 3rd grade participated in a graphic novel round up, where I pulled dozens of graphic novels, all of which are part of a series, to try to hook them on some new authors and illustrators. 3rd and 4th grade is where I see a bit of a dip in circulation, so anything I can do to keep the students engaged and reading is a win for me.

After a quick discussion with students about the merits and characteristics of graphic novels, he students sat at one of four tables with several graphic novels on them.  They each had a paper with a rating system where they could write the book title, give it 1-5 stars, then a quick note about why they liked it for future reference.  They had 3 minutes to browse one book (a skill in and of itself!), then they wrote their notes and chose a new one.

Having the students engage with five books in one class is cause for celebration, and cries of “I call dibs on this one!” resounded throughout the room. Almost every third grader who could took a graphic novel home with them.  If that isn’t engagement, I don’t know what is!