Chalk Talk

This week, all students continued on our journey to research and understand more fully hunger in our community and the world. Every class used a protocol called Chalk Talk, where the students’ words create a web of vocabulary, statement, questions, emphasis, and communication among the students of every grade about what they already know about hunger, hunger in our community, and malnutrition.  Before we did that, we watched two videos and, in grades 4 and 5, looked at an infographic from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to continue to reactivate students’ prior knowledge on these topics. Take a look at these videos and discuss your thoughts with your students!

Students then got to work on the Chalk Talk activity. It was a really interesting way to determine what they already know!

The final step was for students to then share what they are still wondering and want to know after communicating all that knowledge. To my surprise, what the students really want to know is about the activism and humanitarianism side of hunger. Many of them want to know what they can DO, with the emphasis on putting their research into action. My intention was not to go in this direction, but to do something a little more simple and Vermont-specific, but I have to acknowledge my students’ voice and choice, and this weekend I will be doing a few changes in my upcoming lesson plans! My students do not take call to action lightly, and we are going to do the work to make sure we honor that! It’ll be very interesting to see where this goes!