Minecraft Communication Presentation

I cannot express how incredibly proud I am of all our OQS students who did an unbelievable job before break presenting their Minecraft worlds!


The afternoon was videotaped, and once I get it I will share all the amazing learning that was shared and communicated so clearly and intelligently!  From the assistant superintendent to members of the community to staff members, I was so proud of their skills.  More amazing details to come, but the students deserved a shout out!

Beep! Beep! and More

After reading 3 awesome transportation picture books, kindergarten and first grade used some of my old book shelves and some Matchbox cars to create a small library roadway!

Minerva Louise and the Red Truck was a huge hit.  The kids were laughing like crazy!  They also enjoyed the cocky voice of the tugboat in I’m MightyOtis is a lovely story about friendship, and many students were happy to read it even when they own it at home!  Then we let the wild rumpus start!

They all had an excellent time!

Second and third grade are continuing to be introduced to new series and authors in an effort to help them find beginning chapter books and actual fiction books they will enjoy. The Infamous Ratsos and Clementine have been a hit!  The Princess In Black is up next for second grade, with Geronimo Stilton coming up after that!


Fourth and fifth grade are coming close to finishing their DCF book, Ban This Book, and the suspense is killing them!!  They are so passionate about students having a say in what they read and about standing up for what you believe in.  I’m so proud of this group, and I’m glad they are loving this book as much as I do!

Class spelling bees are next week! Don’t forget to help your students study!