October PAWS-itive Reward Days

While the younger students were going on a bear hunt and the upper grades were enjoying their read-aloud novels, some classes earned a free day thanks to their PAWS-itive behavior: practicing safety, acting responsibly, working to learn and showing respect.  After demonstrating appropriate behavior for several weeks, individual classes who earned a reward brainstormed a list of appropriate alternatives to our traditional library routine, and the class voted on their rewards. Some of their options were putting on a theatrical rendition of a picture book, building a marble run, doing engineering projects, browsing back issues of magazines, working with circuits, and Legos! We had an amazingly diverse and educational week, all while having fun!

2nd grade: 2C

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3rd Grade: 3Simg_6303 img_6304 img_6306 img_6310 img_6312 img_6319 img_6320

Fifth Grade: 5R

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I think the students will think twice before they misbehave from now on.  They’re not going to want to miss out on these awesome PAWS-itive days after this!

Engineering with Kindergarten & First Grade

Last week, kindergarten and first grade had the chance to make their ideas come to life after we read two fabulous books by Andrea Beaty about engineering and making one’s dreams come true, Rosie Revere, Engineer and Iggy Peck, Architect.  The kids love these rhyming stories with important messages and great role models, and afterward were inspired to build on their own!


Image result for iggy peck architect
61quopxsoul-_sx258_bo1204203200_ Image result for rosie revere engineer

img_6114 img_6124img_0130All these amazing engineers (pictured: 1F, KW, and 1T) were so proud of their creations, and I look forward to more opportunities to build their dreams together!

 Parents: Ask your students what the words engineer and architect mean.  Ask them which book they liked better and find out why.

Banned Book Week!

What a week, filled with intrigue, corruption, illicit and criminal behavior! And that was just on the part of the staff!  What more could you ask of National Banned Book week?

To be clear, we at OQS do not condone censorship or the banning of books; in fact, we do everything we can to promote books that are discouraged elsewhere because we believe in an individual’s right to decide, with his or her family’s guidance, what they would like to read.  We celebrate that freedom, in fact!


When it comes to the students, however, we definitely played up the reverse psychology aspect of Banned Book week.  You should hear a group of third graders when you start discussing how they would feel without the freedom to choose their own books.  We had a lot of rabble-rousing in the library this week, and even the threat of a protest!  I’ll take a discussion of civil liberties whenever I can get one, especially when it comes to reading!

The piece de resistance came in the form of the Ottauquechee School’s Most Wanted list, including members of the staff who have been found guilty (with accompanying mugshot) of loving books on the banned books list!  Way to stand up for your right to read, OQS!


Our resident hooligan, Mr. Clough!

This isn’t even all of the staff members who enthusiastically volunteered to be caught red-handed with their favorite “banned” books. It was such an awesome week with so much enthusiasm and passion for reading that it warmed this librarian’s heart.  If your student came home with a surprising book, it’s probably because during our discussion, I explained that somewhere across the country, it is considered a banned book.  Nothing motivates kids to do something more than when others tell them they can’t!

So proud of the entire school’s enthusiasm and passion for all books and for reading!