Welcome To The New Library!

Now that the second week of school has begun, your students have probably gotten used to some BIG changes in the way the library is set up.  In fact, they should have aced their scavenger hunts this week!  Be sure to come by and see all the changes for yourself!




The library now has sections that hopefully feel intuitive to the students.  There is a brand new picture book section, which is organized by topic.  The younger students are finding this easier to navigate and streamlines the book selection process.


The hardcover and paperbook Fiction books are housed together now, and the Popular Series and Graphic Novels have been separated so the older students can find them as soon as they are reshelved.


The Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Biography section are now housed in the new Learning Commons, an area for research, group work, and collaboration.


And the rug has been moved toward the center windows for a cozy reading nook.  The students have really enjoyed it!

We have had a wonderful first two weeks in the new library!  Looking forward to what week three will bring!