Diversity In Children’s Books

At OQS, we believe it is of the utmost importance for our children to read books about people of all walks of life, including different races, beliefs, gender, and experiences. Did you know that people of color accounted for just 22 percent of children’s books characters in 2016, or that people of color only wrote 6% of new books of children’s books published?  How can our students learn about all the diverse beauty the world has to offer while only reading stories that reflect their own experience?
NPR and The Open Book both reported on these trends last year, with two great articles worth reading and reflecting on. How many books in your personal library have main characters that look different from your family?
I’m doing my best to make sure that all stories are heard here in the OQS library, and I love my new display of books I purchased for this school year!  I can’t wait to get these books into the hands of students.

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