Fables in the Forest!

In case you forget from your childhood introduction to fables, probably thanks to good old Aesop, a fable is a short story that teaches a moral, usually with animal characters.  Last week first grade enjoyed two beautiful days outside in the amphitheater reading three fables: Walter Dean Myers’s The Story of the Three Kingdoms about how man came to live in harmony with the animals, The Boy Who Cried Wolf by B.G. Hennessy and great illustrations by Boris Kulikov, and the Red Clover award nominee Lousy, Rotten, Stinkin’ Grapes by Margie Palatini.


All three stories took place outside and it just felt right to take the classes out into the forest to hear the voices of the animals and imagine themselves there.

Plus, Mrs. Whitney pretending to the fox leaping for what will be his “sour grapes” is always an entertaining way to end the day!

So much fable fun in the forest in first grade!


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