The Results Are In!

After four and a half months of reading their hearts out, 5R shocked the world and squeaked past 3S to read the most books from January 1st-May 15th, 2017!  They read so much our bar graph defied gravity and crept up onto the ceiling!

5R won by a slim 45 book margin, but considering how small the class sizes are, that’s a significant number of books! Congratulations to all the classes for participating and for being good sports throughout the competition!

And congratulations to 5R and every student who read 100 books during that period (one 1st grader, 1 2nd grader, and three 3rd graders), who were also able to attend today’s celebratory pizza party.  All ten of the students who read 100 books received a Paw Pride medal as a thank you for their commitment to reading!

Thank you to the PTO for funding the pizza party and to the Quechee Pizza Chef for the delicious food! Way to go, super readers!


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