DCF Winner for OQS and VT

The state of Vermont gives a book award to celebrate excellence in literature, to honor best-selling author and social activist Dorothy Canfield Fisher, known informally around here as the DCF award.  Students in 4th and 5th grade who have read five books on the DCF book list are named official DCF voters and can vote for the winner of this prestigious award with the state.  We had ten students at Ottauquechee School who made the effort and read at least five DCF books (some read many more!) and we had lunches together once a month to discuss what we were reading.

Here are some photos of our DCF voters, holding their favorite books!

The votes are in for the state of Vermont, and the official state winner was The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett and Jory John, which I read aloud to fourth and fifth grade at the beginning of the year.  Ottauquechee School had a different favorite, however!

The Nest by Kenneth Oppel was the clear favorite among my students!  The funny thing about that is that I was of the opinion that this book was too mature for elementary school students and felt strongly that it would scare them out of their wits!  This goes to show exactly why it never works to censor people in their reading choices, because boy, was I wrong! Turns out I’m just a super wimp and these kids are way tougher than me!

Congratulations to these students for doing such a stupendous job reading, discussing, and celebrating these awesome books!  Looking forward to next year!


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