National Poetry Month!

Students were inundated with poetry in the library during the month of April.  I had different stations set up where they could immerse themselves in the reading of poetry and the creative aspects of writing different types of poetry.  Then of course there was the day I was the Poetry Pocket Lady, walking around handing out poetry on Poem In My Pocket Day.


So much to share, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking!

Storybird Poetry

This website allows students to choose a piece of art and create a poem inspired by the art, using only particular words generated by the site.  They have to stretch their imaginations a bit, but the results were wonderful!

click on the photos to see more closely


Here are some images of students using Storybird during library time.

Playing With Poetry In the Library

(blackout poetry, found poetry, magnetic poetry, memorization)


It warms my heart to see students excited about poetry and being risk-takers willing to write and share their own! I hope they enjoyed National Poetry month as much as I did! Already looking forward to next year.

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