A Real Life Genre Study


Discussing and identifying literary genres is a significant component of 4th and 5th grade’s reading standards.  When considering how best to incorporate this into the library curriculum, I realized that in here, the students are immersed in a constant genre study as they browse and choose which books to bring home each week, and as they listen to my variety of read-alouds.  What better classroom than the library to analyze literary genres, and what an opportunity to make real-life applications to their work!

And so, this week fourth and fifth graders identified six genres to analyze and determined the characteristics of each.  Next, in groups, students will be assigned a specific genre and analyze our current library catalog of that genre, identifying the age of the books, the number of choices, diversity of authors, etc.  Lastly, the students will research reputable sites for book reviews and recommend books for Mrs. Whitney to purchase in their genre.  Imagine their excitement when I really do make some purchases, and they can see their books in the library, with a label dedicating them to their class!  Research with an element of real world application!

Maybe this will inspire me to reorganize the fiction by genre as well!


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