Piggie & Gerald Comics

After reading lots of books by the beloved Mo Willems, including everyone’s favorite Piggie and Gerald the Elephant, the students were thrilled to apply what they noticed about his effective and hilarious illustrations in their very own Piggie and Gerald comic strips!

9a8e08a6-6cdd-4736-930e-d3abc26c464d 83b3727f-2099-4f74-b5e2-0557b6ed65b8 168dac3d-dcba-4119-9292-c9b1759b25eb cae87937-6783-4991-893c-c10068f3b0f9 f8cc24f8-6fc2-4b72-b577-782a59d8d7f4 img_8018 img_8019 img_8020 img_8021

I’m still waiting for a few more to come in from students who wanted to perfect theirs at home, but I love how the bulletin board is coming along because books definitely bring me joy!

img_8174 img_8175


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