Shape Shifters

Pre-kindergarten through first grade spent last week enjoying books exploring colors and shapes.  I also promoted one of my favorite picture book authors, Michael Hall, author of My Heart Is Like A Zoo and Perfect Square, in addition to Shape Shift by Joyce Hasselberth.


After enjoying the illustrator’s masterful and playful use of shapes throughout these books, the students chose 2-3 shapes of their own to create their own works of art.  I gave them zero instructions other than to use the shapes to create a picture, inspired by the concept in Hasselberth’s book.

Examples from Hasselberth: Creating an angry bull or a diving fish from a trapezoid and a crescent.

img_7183 img_7184

That was all the encouragement they needed!img_7196


A symmetrical face


A man with a beard


A tree with a bird flying


A snow man

The younger students just love doing art projects that extend what we are reading about, and I love to see their talent and creativity!  On to historical picture books next!


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