Hour of Code

Last week was national Computer Science Week and the grades 2-5 teachers were kind enough to allow me an extra 15 minutes so all students could participate in an Hour of Code! Listening to them persevere through challenges and their pride and excitement when they completed a task was so thrilling.  It was an awesome week!

img_7173img_7174img_7172 Writing in code is basically learning to speak computer language.  Students dragged blocks into particular sequences to get the computer program to do what they wanted.  The Hour of Code website features characters like Moana, Anna and Elsa, Minecraft, Star Wars, and more!  Have your students show you what they learned and create an account so they can save their progress at home!
img_7175 img_7176 img_7177 img_7178 img_7191 img_7192 img_7195

As it said in the Hour of Code’s video explaining the rationale behind learning coding that we watched, computer programmers are the rock stars and wizards of tomorrow!  Encourage your students to show you their magic powers!


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