On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!

Last week, preK, kindergarten and 1st grade read all different types of Transportation picture books in our continued tour around the library.  As we go along, I have been highlighting the many different umbrellas under which the picture books have been sorted, and Transportation is a huge hit with the younger readers!

14991206_1843640239256425_7142671112638976617_o 15000149_1843640222589760_8904354675550960605_o

1st grade worked really well together and were interested in finding out what kinds of furniture made the best and fastest ramps!

img_6644    img_6646img_6651img_6656img_6650 img_6653 img_6654  img_6657 img_6658 img_6660

Kindergarten loves all things that go and were thrilled with an excuse to get their bodies moving!

img_6623 img_6624 img_6626 img_6627 img_6628 img_6630 img_6631

We have both fiction and non-fiction in the Transportation section, which is identified by its red dot on the book’s spine.  As a group, we read I Stink!, a Red Clover-award winning book that the students love, a non-fiction book and a brand-new picture book.  I better keep investing in more Transportation books because I think this is one of the favorite parts of the library, for sure!


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