Week One for K-2: Getting Creative!

During their first class in the library this year, I asked the school’s youngest students to be willing to have fun, be creative, and be brave enough to use their imagination as we tell stories this year.  We began by reading this lovely book, This Is Sadie by Sara O’Leary.

Image result for I Am Sadie

Then I challenged the students and asked them, Even though you’re SMALL, do you have a BIG IMAGINATION?


Most students said, “Yes!” although some admitted they prefer facts to stories (I thought that was insightful).  Then, if the students were feeling very brave, I offered them the chance to use a large cardboard box, a plastic tub, and a bag full of masks and costume accessories to tell a story, just like Sadie.  The kids were definitely up for the challenge!

I’m glad the kids were able to be silly and have some fun in the library, and that they know how much fun good stories can be.  I’m looking forward to immersing them in more engaging literature as the year moves on!


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